Why Tops Roofing

TOPS ROOFING or The Other Guy

At ‘Tops’ our employees are seasoned professionals with myself, Brian Burnett overseeing all installations. This means all our roof installations are done the same, expertly and with pride of workmanship. Many companies & big box stores especially, are mere labour brokers & here’s how they work. The store fields your request for a free estimate, which in turn is forwarded to a large roofing contractor in your city. The contractor arranges for a sales person to visit you, provide information and make the sale. The contract is then returned to the contractor, who formulates a work order & then subcontracts the installation to an independent installation crew. Many do excellent work. Many do not! These companies & big box stores are always higher priced, attempting to justify their price with the “you have to pay a little more to get a quality job”, or service & warranty promises.

Nonsense! All you have is too many hands reaching into your pocket & 29% revolving credit interest if you finance. Well, you do the math! Then there is always the fly by night roofing crowd. You know them well! They are the ones littering your neighbourhood with plastic bag signs every spring & summer.

Beware the bag sign roofers. They will offer you a tempting deal. Cash only of course, and often request deposits upwards of $1000.00 towards materials. You may, or may not, ever see them again. Even more frightening, they do return, because it’s a pretty safe bet that they have no personal injury, property or liability insurance, never mind WSIB. In legal terms, the person who hires the contractor is named, The Principle. That’s you! In the event of accident, injury or fatality where as the contractor provides for no insurance, the Principle, yes you, is ultimately liable & responsible.

I always ask people… Would you get into your car & drive everyday without insurance? The answer is always a definitive, of course not! So why I ask, would you hire an uninsured contractor as the ultimate consequence is no different? Don’t risk your home, property & livelihood to save a few dollars as these are real costs & there to protect you & your family.

At ‘Tops’ we have you covered & provide our insurance certificate & WSIB account information, giving you not only peace of mind, but also, only the very best of quality workmanship, materials and attention to detail at a fair price, with myself Brian Burnett & my 34 years of continued experience in all facets of roofing, overseeing every installation.

At ‘Tops’ we provide and install complete roof systems, a total roof renovation build to last. Any contractor can install new shingles, but are you really getting a complete, expertly installed roof? Most people will receive between 2 and 5 estimates when shopping for their new roof. At first glance they seem similar, however, with a wide variety of roofing materials and accessories available, from bottom, to top of the line quality products, be sure you are actually comparing apples to apples when comparing other quotes with a ‘Tops’ quote.

There are a wide variety & many variations in materials, manufactures, installation practices and expertise, your new roof should give you many years of worry free protection & enhance the beauty of your home. Make sure you know what you’re buying and don’t shy away from asking questions, as any reputable contractor will take the time to explain or answer any that you may have.

Oh! And please check references. Any great roofing contractor will have hundreds to choose from. As well, you might consider the Better Business Bureau or Homestars. A site where homeowners share their thoughts & reviews. Once you have narrowed your choice, check their ‘WORK’. Invest an hour of your time and visit some sites each has completed.