financingTops Roofing has been in operation since 1987 with myself, Brian Burnett, providing expert installations for homeowners since 1978. Our name really does say it all, as our commitment to quality and service is second to none. We believe in providing Oakville with the best roofing service around. Our goal is go above and beyond every client’s expectations. No job is too small or complex for our experienced roofers. We stand out from our competitors due to our constant need to be perfectionist. Every job is equally important and we are there to fix any problems that may arise.


After obtaining comparative quotations, we selected Tops Roofing based upon a combination of their presentation and their extensive customer referrals, which included customers personally known to us.

Consistent with the quality , value, efficiency and courtesy of the services rendered in the installation of our replacement roof, we are pleased to join the customer referral list, and to endorse Tops Roofing as a “best-in-class” contractor.

Yours very truly,
Denise and Ian Matheson

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TOPS ROOFING or The Other Guy

At ‘Tops’ our employees are seasoned professionals with myself, Brian Burnett overseeing all installations. This means all our roof installations are done the same, expertly and with pride of workmanship. Many companies & big box stores especially, are mere labour brokers & here’s how they work. The store fields your request for a free estimate, which in turn is forwarded to a large roofing contractor in your city. Learn more…